NFC tags how do you use them?

Hi all,
I have got a few NFC tags around the house, one by my bed to set my alarm and one on the food cupboard and fridge which open my hood task shopping lists. What are your nfc tags for and what is your favorite one?

My favourite NFC tag is in the phone holder I have in my car. It launches a driving shortcut - offers media playing options, gets a list of places to drive from my calendar and favourites (stored in data jar, with a pretty menu through toolbox pro!), and then opens the chosen destination in Google maps.

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Strangely enough on iOS 14 a Shortcut that’s invoked via an NFC tag now seems to need a confirmation tap. (It didn’t on iOS 13.) This shortcut pops up a list of other shortcuts. For example “Start Podcast to Kitchen HomePod”.

Until I fix this I’ll defer fixing NFC tags to door frames of eg the home office. (I would like such a tag to pop up a draft I can add things like “clean the overhead light NOW” to.) :slight_smile:

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