NFC tags as external drive inventory?

I have several external drives hanging around. It’s hard to remember what’s on which, despite naming them, labeling them with their names and writing down … somewhere … what’s on them.

I also have some NFC tags lying around that I’ve never figured out what to do with.

It occurs to me: I should be able to stick a tag on each drive and set my phone to show me a contents list when I tap a tag. Preferably, that contents list is stored in the cloud (iCloud or Dropbox) and is plain text or csv — I try to keep everything I can in plain text, and use nvUltra, Obsidian, NotePlan and similar apps to view and edit.

So… bright Automators, what’s the best way to (in order of importance):

  • open a plain text or csv document on my iPhone when I tap an NFC tag?

  • update (or replace) a plain-text file list on a Mac with the contents of an external drive? Ideally this would happen on dismounting, to capture any backup changes, but I realize other triggers could be easier.

On my Mac, I use Keyboard Maestro, TextExpander and Hammerspoon pretty regularly, have Hazel and would love to use it more, and I’m not on Monterrey, so no Shortcuts on Mac. I do use Shortcuts and Scriptable (preferred) on iOS, as well as 1Writer. I use Drafts on both, but just to create notes, not to store them. Happy to consider other tools though.

Thanks in advance!

Thats an easy one: you can try it with Drafts (free iCloud-sync). Scan a NFC (“Ghost” is just an Amiibo-card of Boo :slight_smile: ) → action “Open Draft” (select the draft you need (“Backup 01” for me). Done.


Thank you!

I don’t store information in Drafts. But that is easily adaptable to any text editor with a URL scheme.

Here’s what I came up with to QuickLook a (test) plain text file from Dropbox:

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Drafts was just my example because i use it. :wink:

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No problem! I appreciate it. It set me on the right path.

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Awesome idea.
Please let me know if you find a way of automatically saving to a file a disk’s list of contents.

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Will do! I hope to tackle that this weekend

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