NFC shortcut gives “ extension communication timeout” error after it runs the first time

Is anyone else having this problem. The shortcut runs fine the first time. Then if I try to run it again I get a delay then a notification that states “extension communication timeout.”

I’m not having that particular problem but I am having an issue where the NFC tag is easily recognized when creating the shortcut, but then does not actually seem to be recognized at all when I try to run the shortcut.

Very frustrating.

Yes I am getting that error… I run the shortcut which works… then this just appears afterwards… Does the shortcut need a definitive end command so that it knows it’s finished?..!


YES! I just bought my first bag of NFC tags (I got these ones) and am seeing the same errors. I just can’t get these NFC tags to work on my iPhone XS. I’m equally puzzled since I thought that any tags would work as long as they were Ntags? Or is this possibly a iOS 13.1 issue?

Most of the time my shortcuts are not even working and I just see the error. It feels like they’re working 1 out of 5 times.