NFC getting locked in iOS 14

Anyone else running the latest iOS 14 beta experiencing issues with NFC not working more than once and getting locked?

I just got my 11 pro and the first thing I did was buy some tags. Tested and working with other devices.

In the Personal Automation section I can add an action to when an NFC is scanned, name it and have it carry out shortcut actions. However when I go to add another tag action the scan button does nothing.

I’ve downloaded a few different NFC tag manager apps to trouble shoot but I have the same experience with those too. Only the apps actually give feedback as to why they’re not working. Usually it says the system is busy or something similar.

I have to reboot the phone between scans.

Am I doing it wrong or is there an issue here? Keep in mind my wife just got an 11 pro as well and she’s still on iOS 13 and she has no issues.

I’d say it’s a bug. Have not seen it myself yet though.
Which beta is this? Dev or public?

I’d report it and wait for the next version :slight_smile:

Yeah. Thanks. I’m on Public and I started to fill out Feedback but thought I’d start here to see if anyone had a workaround.

Seems to be Fixed in beta 6.