Newspaper collector

Hello guys,

I’m looking for guidance on a shortcut about newspaper collection.
I am a “Le Monde” subscriber, everyday they publish the daily issue on their website in a pdf format, I have to go through 4 clicks before I get to the pdf and the “save to files” option in iOS. The website seems to generate a serial number in the URL every day so I don’t know how to approach that, but I think this can be automated.
The ideal shortcut would just grab the latest newspaper and put it in iBooks directly.

Any guidance on how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: There is an iOS app for the newspaper, it looks like an app from 2011, there is no export option and crashes all the time.

Are you getting the link in an e-mail or from a web page?

If it is a web page, do you have to login/authenticate in some way to access the content?

Have you considered using the Kindle app and accessing Le Monde via a subscription there?

I have to log in yes, it is a fully loaded javascript web page,
I’m looking into scraping it with puppeteer in node.js.
What would the kindle app provide?
Is it possible to export it from it?

If you subscribe in Kindle it should push the paper to you automatically each day it is issued. So, zero touch automation to get a copy of the newspaper on your device.

Beyond that, Kindle is simply an eReader app akin to iBooks.

I think you can export personal notes, but I’ve honestly never tried exporting from it. I just read stuff in Kindle (and report inordinate amounts of typos :laughing:)

I don’t know how I would do this on iOS, but on desktop, you could use Python with Selenium to do all the webpage clicking and pdf downloading. Once it is downloaded, you can use the “open” system command to open the pdf in iBooks, the command would look something like open -a iBooks $serialnumber.pdf (that would be how to open in it in Perl but in Python can do something similar).

I’m not familiar with Puppeteer, and I get frustrated everytime I use node.js, but I would think in both Puppeteer and Selenium the process would be similar - hunt down the DOM elements you want to click, when you get to the page with the serial number (that too should be in some DOM element), construct the file location and download it, and then open it in iBooks. I find these usually by “Inspect Element” in Firefox or other browsers.