Newbie Question: How to use app callback urls in a widget

hello, I just updated my iphone to iOS 14 and I started to play with the widgets and scriptable, I try to make a script that shows a text and an image side by side, and the image redirect to an app via url.
to be more specific, I’m trying to make a widget for Waze with navigating shortcuts.
tried to read the documentation but I didnt figure out how to fetch an image via URL and how to give the image an onTap event.

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like this? small widget and if you click on the widget the app waze will open.

Exactly but I want few icons

You can refer to this example by @simonbs:

I also have a widget here that you can refer to: GitHub - andyngo/conversable-for-scriptable: Conversable is a simple contacts widget for Scriptable.

I hope this helps, cheers.