New to OmniFocus; My Shortcut maybe crashed the app

I’m new to OmniFocus, and I experienced a pretty significant crash after running a shortcut to add items to OF3. OF3 crashes every time I try to open it, even after quitting the app and hard resetting my iPad. I posted this to the OmniGroup discourse, but I thought you folks my have some ideas too. You can read my post at OmniGroup here.

Edited to add: I removed the last action in the shortcut: “Show [Project] in OmniFocus”. That solved the problem, but is that a known bug? I wouldn’t think that including that action would create such a catastrophic reaction.

I have found if an app is constantly crashing, make a quick shortcut that opens the app with an empty url scheme. Although i am not sure what it would be for omnifocus, just use do a url action then open url with it.