New Text Value vs Dictionary Value


Now that I’m understanding DataJar more and using it whenever I can, I’d like to find out from the Studio Audience when do I setup a Text Value or a Dictionary Value…?



For me, text value for a single item of text, (e.g. an API key) dictionary for structured data with multiple named entries (e.g. multiple settings used to specify defaults for a set of shortcuts).

Thanks @sylumer,

I wasn’t sure I’ve been putting everything such as Drafts UUID’s and Things 3 UUID’s into DataJar, but since everything in DataJar is getting larger, I didn’t know if I should put them all in a Dictionary.


There’s certainly no reason that you couldn’t do it, and if somehow your volume or management thereof is becoming an issue, then it seems a perfectly sensible step to consider.

Why not try to duplicate a sub set of UUID into a dictionary and try it out? Use it for a little while and then use that to inform your way forward. Dictionaries are not quite as easy to deal with as other data items (but a lot depends on the complexity of what is being stored), so just check you wouldn’t be changing to something even harder to maintain.

@sylumer, that’s a great idea, I’m going to try that out, it certainly can’t hurt anything more just the time to update all of my Shortcuts that use them.

I wasn’t sure if I was trying to do something that Dictionaries wasn’t well suited (or intended) for.
Not that I necessarily thought of them as folders really, but more like groups of similar data, (which could be a folder LOL).

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