New task in OmniFocus from email (without Mail Drop)

Due to work restrictions, I can’t use OmniFocus Mail Drop to create new tasks from email on my Mac. What alternatives are out there for creating tasks from email? I’ve searched high and low and found nothing so far.

Tool set (right now)

Apple Mail & OmniFocus on macOS. (I’d love to have this work on iOS too, but that’s secondary for me)
Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, AppleScript, Shortcuts. I’m willing to try new tools and write code.

What I do is select text in the email and press CMD + option + O. This creates a task in omnifocus with a link to the email in apple mail. I’m pretty sure that shortcut is the default. Does it work for you?

That keyboard shortcut doesn’t do anything on my system. Would you mind investigating to see how you have it set up?

Yes, I just checked. It is the clippings shortcut, which can be set by going to Omnifocus preferences → General → Clippings Shortcut → Set Shortcut which will take you to the keyboard pane in system preferences where you can set the shortcut.


Thanks. That did the trick. Exactly what I was looking for.

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I HAD NO IDEA YOU COULD DO THIS! Wow, y’all just increased the quality of my life substantially.

<Wanders off muttering in a quiet, Gollum-esque voice, “How did I not know about this? I even watched the Sparky Field Guide! How did I miss this?”>


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I don’t think you should kick yourself too hard about this one. There’s a lot of functionality to be overlooked in our favorite tools. That’s why I asked: I figured there had to be an easy way (like a system service) to do what I wanted, but I just couldn’t find it. The community here rocks and I felt safe asking a “dumb” question.

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I made a video about how I do this! It is similar to what @lizard_heart shared but uses some Keyboard Maestro magic to flesh it out more.

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