New Project Shorcut Flow

Hey -

So I am trying to create what I thought was a very basic Shortcut to do some actions when I create a new project. What I want to happen are:

  1. Ask for project name [Complete]
  2. Create new project under an area in Things 3 [Complete via URL callback]
  3. Create a new folder in iCloud Drive for the project [Partially complete]
  4. Create a new folder in Apple Notes for the project [Not Complete]

I need help with 3 and 4. For item 3, I can create a folder but it won’t let me put it anywhere but the Shortcuts folder. I figure I could maybe use Hazel to move it to where I want it, but I’d like to avoid another device having to be on to do this.

Am I missing something on how to create a folder in a location of my choosing in iCloud Drive?

On 4, I just cannot see a way to do this. I’ve Googled Apple Notes URL schemes to see if there is a way to do it, so far I’ve come back blank. I simply want to create a new folder with the project name from step 1 under my ‘Projects’ folder in Notes. Does anyone have any ideas?

For number 3 you can use Scriptable or use the ‘Bookmark Folder’ action in my Toolbox Pro Beta


That’s awesome, thanks. Got 3 working now. Just need to work out how to do 4 now :slight_smile:

I did something similar with Things and Bear, with cross-links between each. I’m using the more advanced x-callback-url Things API so that I can optionally add new tasks to the the new project all in a single call. This might be useful for your implementation. I really wanted to do the same with creating a new Files folder, but will wait until The Toolbox Pro feature comes out of beta.

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Trying to get it out as soon as possible :+1: