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Came across this today. Seems like a mashup of Google Docs, Airtable, IFTT & Basecamp. Not sure what I would use it for, but I’m intrigued. Anyone here already use this or know anything about it?

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More on’s automation features.


It’s been on my list of “things to do something with” for a while.

To think of it, that might be a problem for them. The use cases are overwhelming. I’d be curious about how it compares to the tools you mention.

In my experience, the trickiest part of these web collaboration tools is getting non-geeks you’re collaborating with to try them. Even the simplest concepts—shared todo lists, say—garner skepticism when the use case can be emulated with Google Docs and Sheets. Getting over that bump is tough.

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There is a lot going on here. I can’t tell if I’m impressed, inspired or turned off. Nonetheless, very interesting. I think I’ll dabble in it until I find a good use case for this. Sort of reminds me of Dropbox Paper (but more powerful, maybe?).


I’ve been using Coda for about a year now. I got into a beta test a long time ago. It is most like Airtable. A lot of use cases for airtable can be done inside of Coda.

It also reminded me of Quip.

It is an awesome tool that can do a lot of powerful stuff.

I use it for podcast management similarly to what was described in the Airtable episode of Automators.

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I really want to try it as an alternative to Notion (just seeing what else is out there) but just gives me a big message saying I must use Chrome to access the website.

So… the app is dead to me.

Edit: Switching the user agent to Chrome lets me bypass that page, but then the next issue is that I must sign in with a Google account. There is no other option.

So yeah, the app is totally dead to me.


Chrome and Google sign-in only? Thanks but no thanks.

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As a brief update, while their website is still Google Account sign-in only, they have a poll that seems like they are considering other options, so it would be great if everyone could request email based accounts. (Just log in, then the link on the bottom for other options.)

Don’t know if it still requires Chrome. It didn’t complain to me but I didn’t log in.