New Automation-Related Blog Post: "Buttoned Up"

You might enjoy my latest blog post - about Elgato Stream Deck Mini:

Buttoned Up

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Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: Whilst you may have opted for the small stream deck, it is going to make it easier for packing for travels.

For me, the stream decks are very nice but rather expensive for “tinkerer-use”. I’d love to have the dynamically changing images for sure … kind of touch bar-y don’t you think?

Currently I ‘make do’ with my Raspberry Pi Zero-based Pimoroni Keybow, currently running with multibow (a now archived project) for manual profile switching, until such time as the core Keybow build catches up. I don’t currently use this with my Mac, but rather with my work Windows laptop.

On Windows, my primary profile is set to send some higher function keys (F13+) to the OS where I have AutoHotKey scripts that I can change as needed to carry out sets of commands. This makes it more flexible than having to load the sets of commands ontoi the Keybow itself. Many of the keys are also overloaded with meta keys for additional related functions. It gives me enough scope for now, but the stream decks are the pinnacle. Maybe one day I’ll crack?

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The mini was around £65, My Pi around £35. The Pimoroni Keybow just under £50. So maybe the Mini is within reach.