Need Inspiration: Using AssistiveTouch as a Shortcuts Launcher

Inspiration needed!

In my search for a faster way to launch my shortcuts, I stumbled upon AssistiveTouch in the accessibilities settings. I need help with ideas for shortcuts I can trigger with it! Mostly they are shortcuts to some settings and other things I like to access.

Things I’ve learned so far:


  • Accessible from the home screen (really, anywhere)

  • I can customize single tap, double tap, and hold for different actions or shortcuts

  • Being able to set/arrange 9 different actions in the menu


  • The AssistiveTouch Button can be a little annoying, even if I’ve gotten used to it (also, dialing down its transparency to its lowest leads to me losing track of it.

  • Technically, you can toggle the button on/off with a triple click of the side button, but that’s more annoying to fuss with and doesn’t help its functionality as a quick launcher.

  • There’s no great way to search for your shortcuts to assign them other than being in one long alphabetical order (though, I’ve since learned to use a better naming convention to help with this)

How I’m currently using it:

  • Single Tap = Spotlight Search (I know that sometimes it’s easier to just pull down; but I can’t always reach the top of the screen and I hate Reachability)

  • Double Tap = I have a shortcut that is essentially a smart play/pause that—if playing, pauses; if not playing, launches a menu to allow me to: resume podcast, resume audiobook, choose a Apple music playlist

  • Hold = launch a menu listing 9 shortcuts I made specifically for this launcher (see screenshot)