Need Help with Mac Script Editor

I’m trying to make a script to combine numbers files in one new file. My script runs but encounters an error of "timed out’. I think the problem is in my (/Users/nancykuncheff/Desktop/Kuncheff Trust) Here is the script:

– read the data from the Numbers files in the folder

set theData to {} – a list of lists to hold the data

tell application “Finder”

set theFiles to items of “/Users/nancykuncheff/Desktop/Kuncheff Trust” as alias list

repeat with aFile in theFiles

tell application “Numbers”

open aFile

tell front document

set end of theData to value of cells of rows 2 thru -1 of table 1 of sheet 1


end tell

end tell

end repeat

end tell

– convert data list to tab-delimited string on clipboard for pasting

set text item delimiters to tab

set pasteStr to “”

repeat with anItem in items of theData

repeat with aLine in items of anItem

set pasteStr to pasteStr & aLine & return

end repeat

end repeat

set the clipboard to pasteStr

return pasteStr – optional -for viewing in Results panel