Need help w/ Shortcut CarPlay Disconnection Automation Problem

One of the problems I have w/ CarPlay is the fact that, because I have to plug the phone into the car, I am constantly leaving my phone behind when I get to my destination.

I was hoping to solve the problem w/ Shortcut Automation in IOS 13. I created an Automation to run when my phone is disconnected from CarPlay that would turn up my phone’s volume and play a reminder.

Unfortunately, the Automation fails to complete. While it start’s successfully, it returns the following error when it tries to play the notification …

... encountered an error XPC connection to the extension was interrupted.

If I replace the volume and speak commands w/ a text notification, the problem goes away. I suspect that the problem is somehow due to the Automation trying to play the message through the car’s audio system after I have already disconnected it. I’ve added a long wait command to the Automation, but that doesn’t seem to help.

Any ideas?


Did you try setting the playback destination to the iPhone before it speaks?

Yes, I’ve tried both w/ and w/out. I saw a discussion elsewhere that this might be a Shortcuts threading bug.