Need help-- Removing Color Labels with Automator

I am trying to send files labeled “Red” to the Trash and then remove that “Red” label. Automator can easily add color labels, but I cannot seem to remove them. I know Hazel can do this, but I am a student and can’t afford Hazel at the moment. Also, trying to figure this out with Automator helps me become better at it.

Is there an Apple Script or something I can run to remove certain color labels from within Automator?

You could run some AppleScript from Automator.

Assuming you just want to in effect wipe all labels, take a look at CK’s short script in this thread. In particular take note of the unset property.

If you really only want to remove the red tag, there’s a more complex script solution in the thread which I think would cover that scenario.

Since you are trashing the file, which is akin to a move, I would consider untagging the file first and then, since the file is already identified, trashing it.

For clarity, is there a particular reason that you want to remove the tag from a trashed file? If it is in the trash, it is to be disposed of; so I’m wondering how much it matters that it is tagged? I would agree that if you had ongoing automated processing via a tool like Hazel, or I guess a folder action and restored the file, it might then execute again and immediately trash it. But restoring from trash is presumably a somewhat unusual occurrence, and you could untag a file manually in the trash for those rare occurrences. Is this what you are attempting to tackle or is it something else?