Need help - append to spreadsheet

I want to track iOS in-app purchase requests from my kids. I initially thought that I could create a shortcut to append to a Numbers sheet - either I’m missing something really easy or this is actually as difficult as it has proven to be. I chose numbers so that it would be easy to total the requests for each kid at the end of the month…and I want to be able to share this with my wife.

The data I want to capture is: name, app name, amount, and the date. I’ve been playing around with this for a couple weeks and have reached the point where I can admit I’m not going to be able to solve this.

Any help or suggestions (for other ways of doing this) would be greatly appreciated.


Can definitely do that. Been awhile since i used numbers in a shortcut, but if I remember correctly I think you have to choose the sheet from within the shortcuts folder then put in information for the spreadsheet and the. The table. Should be pretty straightforward. Posting your shortcut may be helpful so folks can take a look…

Thanks for the quick response. I’ve attached my latest iteration - the most basic attempt in order to simplify. When I run it, it creates a numbers file with the name of the amount (cost) that I enter and only populates one cell with that number.

You’re close…. This worked….

Ok, that helped. I’m trying to add 4 data fields (name, app, cost, & date). I can’t add 4 values - it only seems to accept 2. So, I came up with this…and it puts all of the data in one cell.

In the Numbers action, tap the “+” to add another field.

Here is a Shortcut action where I have a large number of Numbers fields updated.

Hope this helps.

@Tony - thanks for the reply. I did try adding multiple fields as your example shows. However, when I would try to add the 3rd variable the 1st would drop off. I was working on the shortcut on my iPad - I’ll try it from my phone & see if I get different results. (The screenshots are from my phone, but the editing was done on the iPad).

It seems I’ve found a bug. When I try to add more than two variables (on both the iPhone & iPad) the first one seems to drop off. If I continue to add variables Shortcuts crashes (closes) after the fourth. Either there is an issue with how I’m creating the variable or there is a bug. I’m on iOS 15.1.

Yep! I’m also on 15.1, but the Shortcut was written on an earlier version. The Shortcut works as it should, but I have just tried to create a new Shortcut to use that action and it fails in the same way as you describe.

Thanks for confirming that this is an issue. At least now I know it’s not something I’m doing wrong.

With regard to spreadsheets, I have found writing data as a comma-separated-value (.csv) file is alot simpler and will easily import into most if not all Spreadsheet programs, i.e. GoogleSheets, Excel, Numbers. I used to write to GoogleSheets in the past but have moved to writing data using the Bear Markdown Notes app to save csv values. Bear app allows me to export data to a txt file and simply renaming the file with a .csv file extension and its ready for Excel, etc. Using Bear also works when access to Internet may not be available.
Additionally as part of your data, you can usually include Excel formulas in your data so when you import data, the formulas are already there