Need Hazel Print to PDF Help

Hi Folks,
In a time crunch with this, and was wondering if there is an easier solution. Is there a way for Hazel to find .eml files in a folder (they are not in mail application, they have been dragged out), and convert them to pdf. While I can of course manually do it, but I now have hundreds of them that need done. I have no issues with the finding of the .eml files, but I am not seeing an action to print to pdf

The reasons for the dilemma are long, but it remains an issue I need to solve as soon as possible.

Many thanks in advance



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I found an app in the Mac App Store that did it perfectly

Msg Converter Pro

All sorted

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Self-Described thusly:

Msg Converter Pro: A simple, efficient way to batch converts Microsoft Outlook *.msg, *.oft or *.eml files into EML, VCF, HTML, PDF, RTF and TXT files.

It is also [able] to merge into a single file for output of PDF, VCF, or TXT.

Costs $6 (USD) in the Mac App Store. Looks worth it to me, I’m buying it.

there is this on GitHub, easily automated with Automator via di shell script.

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