Need an app to track time by location

I’ve been using the Timing app on Mac and iOS to help me auto-track my time based on project/device. I’m looking for a similar app that would work by location on iOS. In order words, I like to be able to see what physical location I was at at certain times throughout the day. Does anyone know of such an app?

Maybe Geofency?

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Google does this for free

Manage your Location History - Google Account Help.

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LOL, yeah, that’s true! I have this turned off for the same reason that I also don’t let Google track me anywhere online…something about not feeling amazing about having this mega tech company whose ethics are entirely profit-centered…

This looks great! Thanks for the recommendation.

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@jmayhugh you can start the timing app (with iOS) via location-based automation (iShortcuts app).

I created this workflow myself:

Video :point_down:

Nice! Since the timing app already logs iPhone activity, all I’m looking for is actually just logging the physical location of where I am throughout the day, so that I may refer back to it to and later decide which locations were connected with which activities. I admit, it’s a strange and most likely uncommon use case.

Just now seeing this but you could try LifeCycle. I tend to use it for work-related purposes…

  • Invoicing every month is now 10x easier. Everyone can just check their phones to rejog their memories on how long they were onsite at a client’s office or which day it was we did this particular project, etc.
  • CYA. Fortunately we haven’t had this happen to us but once but being able to show the data to a client that thinks only 1 technician was onsite because she didn’t see the other one or that we weren’t onsite as long as we were is priceless.

And at the end of every year, I do a recap of that year in my life showing Music stats, Health stats, Weight, Mood Chart Stats, Work and Personal Stats, Lifestyle Stats. It’s pretty crazy (and sometimes eye-opening when you see exactly how long you spent in the parking lot/how many times you’ve eaten breakfast at McDonald’s over the course of a year :sweat_smile:

Hoping you found an app already, but if not, hope this helps!

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Oh, that is cool. Thanks for the recommendation – I will definitely check this out.