MyQ, SwitchBot, and Homebridge

By now, I suspect most have heard of MyQ’s move to prevent “unauthorized” use of their API, which breaks Homebridge and Home Assistant integrations.

I’m thinking that the simplest fix in my case is to get a SwichBot bot and hub, and program the bot to press the opener button in the garage on command. It looks like there’s a plugin for Homebridge, so I should be able to get my garage door to show up in CarPlay again.

The garage I rent is detached from my apartment, but close enough to be in WiFi range; my setup was working just fine until the powers that be at MyQ decided to break things.

Those with SwitchBot experience: is there anything I should be particularly aware of? Any potential problems to watch out for?

There is a new device out there that is called ratgdo (rage against the garage door opener) that gives you the ability to go local with connecting your MyQ garage door to Homekit, etc. You can find tutorials on Youtube on how to hook it up. It’s quite a hack. But in one of the videos I found a company that is taking the ratgdo board and putting it in a nice box that you can hook to your garage door. I plan to connect to it via Home Assistant once my Yellow shows up.

The one that works with my garage door just went up for sale. It works with my opener which has the round yellow learn button. (They have two versions, white or black and I need the black one that starts shipping next month. The white one for older openers is already shipping.) Normally priced at $89 but I got it for $74 in a pre-order sale. The ratgdo board itself sells for $45, btw.

They gave me a code to share with friends for the rest of the store, but you get the discount I got on the opener regardless. THXWM5SS88BY4NJ

I can’t confirm it works as advertised, but they seem like a legit company. I will let you all know when I get it in and have it up and running. Those Bozos at MyQ need to be shown they can’t get away with this nonsense!