My workflow: Link a new Evernote note and calendar event

I’ve always wanted a way to link my Evernote notes to my calendar events, but there was no magic-bullet app that could do this for me. I built this workflow several months ago and it seems to have solved my needs!

Here’s how it works.

It relies on an Evernote notebook and a specific Calendar, each called “Journal”.

When you launch the shortcut, it prompts you for a time entry. Default is the current date & time.
Then it prompts you for a note title, and allows you to populate text in the body (this is optional, of course).

Here’s what the shortcut does:

  1. Creates a new note in Evernote, placing it in the Journal notebook. A hyperlink for the new note is retrieved.
  2. Creates a new calendar event in the Journal calendar (duration: 0 minutes.) Inserts the hyperlink into the new calendar event, linking directly to the new Evernote note.
  3. Opens the new event in Fantastical.

Note: if you tap to open the Evernote note right away, the Evernote app will tell you that it can’t find the note (because it hasn’t synced yet!) However, you should see the note pop in right away.

This is useful because sometimes I want to use my calendar as a means to capture meeting notes, and this is just one more way to go back and review my week and quickly get those notes back on whatever screen I’m using.

Hope this helps!

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That’s a good one!

I also use EN as my main driver for meeting and project notes, so I’ve created a shortcut that allows me to tie my notes to their corresponding events at my calendar, so it’s easy to retrieve previous notes from each meeting/project session.

It works by grabbing the EN Title (selecting it into EN App), and sharing it to the Shortcut. Then it grabs the list of every event happening today and allows you to choose from it. It will duplicate the selected event, prepending EN Note title and EN internal link to the notes field, and then deletes the original event.

I found this to be very helpful with my own event entries, but there was a hassle when dealing with events that had invitees as they would see the event being cancelled (from the deleted original) and having to deal with yet another invitation (from the new entry). With those, I thought it was easier to just copy/paste the link into the note fields.

So I’ve created an If statement to let me choose between replacing the original event or just copying the link to the clipboard. This way I could paste it into the notes fields of the existing event and not having anyone else being bothered with yet another invitation.

There’s the link: