My time blocking workflow

Yesterday I used Zapier almost for the first time.
What I did with it was to improve my time blocking workflow.

First, I created a calendar named “Focus Time”. I create events in the calendar (with no title or anything).
It’s a trigger for the rest of the workflow.

Now what happens is,

  1. Zapier copies the event and put it in my work calendar saying “Blocker - Focus Time”.

  2. When the event starts, Zapier sets my Slack status to “Sorry, focus time until x:xxpm”.

  3. When the event ends, Zapier revert back my Slack status.

I’ve used this only once so far. And during the focus time, no one DMed me yet :sweat_smile:
Anyway, by officially saying I’m in a focus time, I can feel free to ignore any notifications and focus.

I like this! Any other tip you have?

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