My shortcut for saving a podcast to Notion, including rich text show notes

I’m excited to share my shortcut with the community for saving the best podcast episodes I hear to Notion. When I hear something I like, I want to take a note and remember where it came from. While I’ve used lots of other destinations for this info before, including Day One, Drafts, and Evernote, Notion is now the best place to store my own knowledge vault.

The shortcut takes the currently playing podcast in Overcast and saves the Episode Name, the Overcast URL, the Episode Description, and the Medium (podcast) to a new record in my Media Vault database in Notion. It also opens the newly created entry in Notion so I can tap the Podcast Template and paste in the rich text show notes to the record. Then I can add other metadata needed or simply type what I learned.

This shortcut needs Overcast and Nautomate to run, but I suppose you can use the patterns here to adapt it to your own desired destination just the same.

In the demo video here, I triple back-tap the phone to invoke the shortcut. I’m also including the screenshot of the shortcut as well if you just want to see it without downloading it.

Overcast to Notion shortcut demo

Thanks to @mralexhay for creating Nautomate to help me make this possible.

You can grab the shortcut here

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