Multiple user interaction elements?

I have a workflow/shortcut that collects data to fill in a csv file I have stored in iCloud. Basically, a workout log. But for each exercise it has to pull up several choice lists, one at a time, (for sets, reps, weight, apparatus, quality rating, etc.), for each exercise, which is… annoying.

I was hoping I could make something in scriptable that would pull up one page per exercise that would have some radio buttons, switches, and pickers on it that would allow me to enter all the data for an exercise at once. But the only way I see to input data is via an alert, which is a one-at-a-time sort of thing.

Is this possible and I just haven’t figured out how yet?

It sounds like you want to buld your own user interface (UI). I don’t recall seeing anything like that in Scriptable, but maybe it would be possible to render a web page with form elements in it and somehow grab the data that way. But I’m not sure of the practicalities of doing that.

I know Pythonista does have UI creation options, so if nothing can be accomplished yet with Scriptable, that would be worth a look.

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You could take a look at Drafts. It has a scripting object to show a prompt, which can have multiple fields, buttons etc, that you define. It can also append data to iCloud, or Dropbox files.



Welp, I’m officially blown away by pythonista, and spent all yesterday evening writing code on my iPad. Including on transit out to an event. The UI builder is brilliant. I hope this functionality eventually makes it to scriptable because I tend to like writing javascript a bit more than python. But for now – wow.

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Awesome. But if you haven’t also taken a look at Drafts 5 too as @davenicholls suggested (:+1:), I think you should. It’s fantastic and would give you JavaScript to work with.

Both Pythonista and Drafts are very powerful in their own right andin combination with apps such as Scriptable and Shortcuts, you can bounce data around and maniplate and gather it in a myriad of ways to achieve so many more things than one app alone might be able to.

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