Multiple URLs in Drafts to DEVONthink

I’m pretty new to automation and Shortcuts and am having trouble figuring where to start and what actions to use.

I have a bunch of notes that have a list of URLs in Markdown. I would like some assistance in creating an automation/shortcut that does the following:

  • selects each URL from the Draft
  • Open the URL in Safari
  • Save the webpage in MD format to DEVONthink
  • Close Safari
  • Delete the note

Attached is a sample of what needs to be parsed:

This should get you started:

It creates .webarchives instead of markdown files, as the latter would require a bit of content parsing.

Run the Shortcut from Drafts with an Open URL action that looks like shortcuts://run-shortcut?name={{Links from Drafts}}&input=[[draft]]. Configure the action to delete the draft after it fires.