Multiple If then's

Hello, I work in a 1 man IT department in the US and I have created multiple Omnifocus shortcuts to help automate my tasks. I wrote this shortcut that lets me enter a reminder in Omnifocus, It asks what I want to be reminded about, what time to be reminded and finally where to be reminded (at work or at home)

Here is that shortcut for example:

That had 2 conditions either Work or Home (with the appropriate Omnifocus folder link)

Now, I am trying to setup a shortcut that will let me enter a Helpdesk ticket for a user, but the User’s ticket can go in one of five Omnifocus folders (Philadelphia, Quincy, Buffalo, Canada and Bermuda). Anybody got an idea how that Might be done? or am I expecting to much?


How about something like this?


That’s a great way to handle it. Didn’t occur to be to use a dictionary list. I’ll modify my previous shortcut to remove the IF/Then’s completely. Yours is much more efficient. Thanks very much.