Moving screens based on receipt of iMessage/Chat


Looking for suggestions on how to complete the following or if it’s even possible.

I have a MacBook Pro with an older iPad Pro as a second display via universal control. On the iPad display, I have 3 windows, a full-screen BusyCal, and 2 windowed messages windows (iMessage and Google Chat). The epitome of what I’m trying to accomplish, would be when an iMessage comes in that window moves to the front and then a keystroke sends it to the background, same for the Google Chat. The point is to get a full screen of Busycal unless there’s a message that came in. I looked at keyboard Maestro for such a trigger to move the windows, and the same for Shortcuts but I can’t see how to do it.


A clarifying question. Are you using the iPad as a second display, which would be via Sidecar, or as an iPad, sharing mouse/trackpad and keyboard via Universal Control?

Universal Control, as I think that would be easier to accomplish what I want.

If using Universal Control, then on the iPad you will need to us a iPad automation tool. As Keyboard Maestro is a Mac only tool (as I understand it) you will not be able to use it for what you are trying to accomplish.

As I am only a casual user of iOS, I’m not sure how you would go about this. I’m not even sure how to have three applications open at the same time on iOS.

Hopefully a more experienced iOS automator will be able to help you.

In any case I would start experimenting with Shortcuts on your iPad to make this work.

Good luck and have fun!