Moving out of Evernote / Automating Apple Notes and Day One on the Mac

For various reasons I would like to move out of Evernote and am now facing the problem of where to move my 8000+ notes in Evernote.

For the Journal-type stuff I decided to use Day One. For the notes / commonplace book-type Notes I would like to use Apple Notes. And as a digital filing cabinet I am probably settling on a folder system. Here are the challenges I am facing and where I would appreciate any help or feedback from you guys:

  1. Moving the stuff over: Moving stuff to Apple notes is actually pretty straightforward, but not quite sure how to get the note attachments into my folder system and also into Day One?

  2. Automating the creation of notes going forward. This is where Hazel comes into play. I have an Apple Script that moves stuff into Evernote and I would like to have something similar for moving stuff into Day One and Apple notes. I found various stuff, but couldn’t quite get it to work as I would like (in the case of Apple Notes) or at all (in the case of Day One where I tried this:

Any comments / ideas / feedback etc. are much appreciated!

Many thanks,

Hey Philly,

Good luck on formatting your new system. I do believe there is a Mac Power Users episode in the recent past that Katie talks about her journey moving out of Evernote. Check it out!


Yep! Episode #441.

Here’s the linkKatie Reconsiders Evernote.

She warns that any attachments saved in E-note may need to be renamed. At 11,000 notes, I estimate at least 1/3rd of mine have attachments. IF I do have to rename them all, I’ll have to do some serious cost-benefit analysis!