Moving Mac app prefs/data to cloud?

I’m not 100% sure if this was mentioned in Automators podcast, but pretty certain that it was in some MacSparky’s podcast - so forgive me if the is kind of off-topic.

Anyway, a recent podcast guest mentioned an app which lets Mac users to move application prefs and data from local hard drive to cloud.

Just can’t remember or google or otherwise find what it was. Help, anyone?

For anyone interested, I believe I found what I was looking for:


Curious. I don’t think I’ve heard of this, and didn’t find any mention of it in the show notes for any show at

I’d be curious to try it out, though. I spend a lot of time customizing things, and then leave it all behind when I set up a new Mac.

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Did you try it already? Any comments?
I’ve been too busy with other things…

I used Mackup for a while.

It seems like a good idea, but a word of warning that “just messing around” with it can lead to irrevocably losing your preference files and dotfiles. And since they don’t all live in one place, restoring them from backups is a very laborious process… I speak from experience :pensive:

After using it I decided I’d rather just reproduce it myself with some manual symlinks, so that I’d always be able to manually undo it.

But if you become fully familiar with mackup in a test environment first I think it could be a powerful tool.

Oh and I also thought I heard about it on a podcast, but can’t find where…

Maybe the podcast folks heard about it on was this one?