Move Photos from Apple Photos to Google Photos

I keep all my personal photos in iCloud Photo Library. I also take a fair amount of photos for my work as a school principal. We store the school photos in Google Photos. We have a paid Google account so that we can store the images at full resolution.

What I typically do is take the photos for school, import them into Apple Photos, make edits, export them to my desktop and import them into Google Photos, then delete them from Apple Photos.

I would love to find a way to automate the process of moving the photos from Apple / iCloud to Google.

Just wondering if anyone out there has tackled a similar task or has thoughts that might be helpful.

Thanks much.

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What platform do you want to use? macOS or iOS?

I would be fine to use either platform. Thanks, @sylumer!

Okay, take a look at this approach then.


Is there a mobile version of the Apple Photo Export/Google Photots Import
workflow? :thinking:

Very impressive workflow/tool btw.

It would be nice to have a secure, cloud :cloud: back-up of my iPhone Photos.

  1. Safe, secure backup to the cloud.
  2. Good FREE :moneybag: alternative to the iCloud backup. If you are like me and have a ton of saved photos on your iPhone… You can imagine that they take up quite a lot of disk space. Unfortunately, you’ll have to she’ll out a monthly premium if you want to back up any significant amount of data to iCloud.
  3. Will free up some additional Storage :floppy_disk: Space on my iPhone.
  4. You can access your Google Photos from anywhere (…well almost anywhere). You go to to see your photos on virtually any device.
  5. Not a huge fan of the UX or UI of the iOS Photo Gallery. It feel like it is lacking in terms of common photo gallery features - items like the ability to organize, search, and preview photos definitely have room for improvement.
  6. Google Photos had more connected services (which means bigger & better itegrations).

Feel free to share or suggest any ideas for a iOS/mobile option (for my other Mac-less  users out there).

Thanks! :grin:

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Have you looked at the backup & sync option built into the Google Photos app?