Move Omnifocus actions to Reminders

Hello, I’m new here, but not new to automation. I’ve been listening to the podcast for around a year now and have been automating stuff for as long as I can remember (longtime Hazel fan).

I’m really late to the Shortcuts party but trying to build a simple Shortcut to move (or copy) all of my Omnifocus tasks into Reminders. I have a free 14-day trial of Omnifocus at the moment but I’ve decided it’s too complex for my personal stuff at the moment (would be great for my work stuff but sadly I’m not in a Mac environment).

When playing around with it, I selected the option to link it with Reminders, not realising that this would instantly remove everything from Reminders! Oops. Now I’d like to move back to Reminders, I’d like to do the reverse.

Here’s a screenshot of my shortcut. What this is doing is creating a single Reminder containing the titles of all of my Omnifocus actions, when what I want to do is create a new Reminder for each Omnifocus action.

At this stage I’m not worried about dates, tags, priorities… I just want the titles back. Help!

It sounds like you are using the full list of OmniFocus items in your repeat loop. Ideally sharing a link to your shortcut allows us to look at the details a screenshot cannot convey.

But, double check your Add step and make sure for the title that you are using an attribute of the ‘repeat item’ variable. That is the variable that allows you to iterate with each item in a list of items inside a repeat with each item.

Hope that helps.

Does this link work? I hope so. As I have looked at it and I can’t figure out how to adjust the setting you are referring to. I have a lot to learn!

Take any necessary backups and then try this to see if it does what you require.

I’ve swapped the list for repeat item (taking the title of the task).

Thank you so much for trying to fix it for me. Unfortunately, this is still doing the same thing… trying to add all 96 items to one reminder!

Oh, wait - I’ve let the shortcut run fully, and it created 5 copies of the 96-item reminder (with all 96 items in one reminder) but it also seems to have created all of them as individual reminders. Hooray! That’ll do. It’s a one time thing and I’m not too worried about it being tidy. Thanks so much!

Hi Bonnie,
Your shortcut is good till the point where you added the filtered object to reminders (step 4 of your screenshot).
I recommend using “repeat item” (amber/orange with an x in the icon) as the variable (in step 4) not the filtered “Omnifocus” object (OmniFocus icon). Then choose the “title” property for that “repeat item”.

Good luck!

Are you sure those five were not there already? As it stands, the shortcut only loops on individual tasks. At no point is it referencing the entire set for adding (unless you have a handful of very strangely titled tasks in Omnifocus) and there’s certainly nothing in it that would execute exactly five times against the entire original set.

Just to clarify, step four would be the end repeat (find > start repeat > add > end repeat).

I think you mean the third step. The one within the repeat loop. Using repeat item in that position is what I originally suggested as the most likely cause.

If you take a look at the modified shortcut I posted earlier, it uses repeat item, and specifically the title attribute, in exactly that position.