Move file to Google Drive Folder via iOS shortcut

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I’m building out an automation at my work for people to scan invoices and save them to a shared google drive folder. However, it seems like the iOS “move file” action doesn’t allow access to the Google Drive folders. Does anyone have a workaround for this?

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Toolbox Pro supports saving to bookmarked folders, but Drive does not support the file provider options to allow bookmarking; as far as I can tell.

Actions and Gizmo Pack both have options to overwrite existing files, and can work with files in Google Drive on iOS. But, to make this viable, you would need to set up an automation on Google Drive to rename a file on overwrite, put the original file back, etc. Definitely a bit Rube Goldberg and potentially fragile - particularly if people try to save at the same time.

There was an app called Shortcutify that allowed you to upload a file direct to Google Drive … but it is no longer available for download, otherwise I think that could have provided the neatest solution for you :frowning:

I’m not sure of anything else to save directly if you want it all automatic and not having users navigate to and select the destination folder each time, or is that an option?

Assuming that fully automated is required, and that there is no direct option anyone else knows of, the best case would be to have something that sends a file to Google Drive on your behalf that could accept a file from another source (e.g. an e-mail or SFTP site). You could have Shortcuts deposit the file there and have a web integration service (e.g. Make, Zapier, etc.) do the move to Google Drive.


This is fantastic. Thank you for the detail here. Unfortunately this is being installed on a few different, non-tech savvy employees personal devices, so I was trying to keep it as simple as possible and not keep the apps installed to the native files app and google drive. I might set up a shared iCloud folder instead.

I created a shortcut to rename the files, but am getting the error “no bookmark found for file.” It doesn’t have a problem running on my mac, but won’t run on iPhone or iPad. Any idea what is causing this issue?

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You have to define the bookmarks on each device. They don’t sync as the way the device gets to the data location is not necessarily the same…