Move all reminders with specific tag to another list

Hi, I’m new here, thanks for the resource.

I’m trying to add a script for the Reminders app that will move all reminders that have specific tags from my ‘Inbox’ list to the ‘All’ list. The script doesn’t seem to support ‘tag’, is there a workaround?

Appreciate any help!

tell application "Reminders"
	set output to ""
	set newList to list "All"
	show newList
	repeat with thisReminder in (get reminders in list "Inbox" whose completed is false)
		set tagObj to tag of thisReminder
		if (tagObj contains "buy" or tagObj contains "stop") then
			set output to output & "• " & tagObj
			move thisReminder to newList
		end if
	end repeat
	return output
end tell

AppleScript doesn’t support tags as yet, fingers crossed WWDC fixes this.

Tags does work in Shortcuts so that may provide an option.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I’m new to all of this. I wonder, would you be able to point me towards a resource where I could get pointers towards trying to solve this with Shortcuts?


Sorry for the slow reply, been offline for awhile.

Here is an example shortcut that will move a Reminder based on a tag.

Hope it helps