Mouse Clicks - Stream Deck Pedal - BTT and Keyboard Maestro

I feel like this should be easier than I have found it. I have both Better Touch Tool (BTT) and Keyboard Maestro (KM) and have been trying to use either to create a trigger or keyboard shortcut for a mouse click (and double and right cllicks) and assign them to each of the Elgato Stream Deck pedal buttons. My original approach was just to create a keyboard shortcut in KM or BTT and then assign one of the pedals to trigger that keyboard shortcut. But something doesn’t seem to be working with that, I thought, simple approach.

I’ve lost the last few hours to this so any help appreciated. I think I have a misunderstanding about how Stream Deck Pedal and Stream Deck interfaces with keyboard shortcuts and/or KM and BTT.

Although TIL and somehow I missed that in Accessability Shortcuts I can set up facial expressions to control mouse clicks in addition to mouse control with head movements. Pretty cool!