Mojave automation apocalypse?


I saw that article also and am watching that issue to see if i can upgrade to majave right away or not.

This doesn’t sound good (from one of the Scrivener forum mods):

That all aside, my chief complaint with 10.14, and what will keep me from adopting the system fully until Apple gets past the teething problems with it, is the excessive granting of permissions. I make heavy use of tools that cooperate with other tools. Text expanders, macro software, device input augmentation, hand-coded scripts, command-line tools that interface with the GUI layer, etc. The level of harassment I got from just one of those tools was over the top comedic in how awful it was—it was beyond even a parody of how bad Windows was when it was at its worst in this regard. I was clicking “OK” buttons in probably close to a hundred dialogue boxes while the system was still booting up for the first time! They were stacked so thickly on the screen that the accumulated dropshadow was so black I might as well have already been in Dark Mode.

I still can’t get everything working properly (though that may be beta problems), like unzipping a file using a third-party launcher with a third-party compression tool. I’m sure somewhere I was supposed to authorise LaunchBar to System Events and System Events to Keka and Keka to Finder to get what should be a simple task of unzipping a file done… but it seems that whatever mechanism is being used, it doesn’t trigger the usual flurry of dialogue boxes and just silently fails instead. It’s not just power user stuff either. Compile PDF from Scrivener to Skim and it will throw a permissions error, because I guess having your default PDF reader load a PDF is unsafe now. I even got an error from an AppleScript trying to do what AppleScript does .

I sincerely wish there was an, “Apple, stay out of it and let me use my computer like a computer” checkbox somewhere that switched that whole level of security theatre off for good. I’d even be satisified with it being hidden, goodness knows I already have a huge checklist of hidden preferences and system daemons I shut down, that I work through on a clean install; what’s one more?


Probably not upgrading until this is fixed.

I rely HEAVILY on AppleScript to get through my workday. Specifically, I use a lot of Keyboard Maestro, LaunchBar, and Transmit specific Applescript based droplets to work. Each FTP droplet leads to one of 1000+ locations for uploading files. As you can imagine - each time I fire and Applescript - I get anywhere from 1-3 confirmation/permission dialogs. Really slowing me down. IN what I can an emergency - since I am not completely sure what this entails - but I have discovered that you can use the following terminal command to “disable” the dialogs (may not be 100% but so far it has sped my workflow back up considerably)

sudo spctl --master-disable


Bumping to see if anyone else has feedback on these issues…tempted to upgrade though I have no good reason besides dark mode, & the issues above seem like they could really interfere with existing setup…

It hasn’t been an issue for me. When I first upgraded I had to approve many apps, but a month on and it’s rare I need to approve anything.


It has been an absolute nightmare for me. I use many, many Transmit droplets to transfer files to various output location. Each droplet is at its heart an AppleScript. Each drop requires at least two approval dialogs. I also trigger a number of Applescripts with Launchbar and they require multiple approvals. This is EVERY SINGLE TIME no matter what I give full disk access too. I have my fingers crossed that Apple will offer a kill switch but not holding my breath. It is SERIOUSLY affecting my workflow speed.

Is this an issue with other scripts? e.g. stand-alone bash, python etc.? What about Applescript run from an application menu? e.g a script in app A that also calls a event in app B?

The same here as Rose, after approving the AppleScripts they run fine. Every 15 minutes Keyboard Maestro starts a couple of scripts, including one that’s curls the latest weather information. At login/startup even more scripts are being run, I have an AppleScript that starts another AppleScript. No problems with Keka either.

To answer @dfay’s question, it is an issue with bash scripts. I’ve got my work computer set to wake up, run a script (run icalbuddy and write to disk), then go back to sleep each morning. Last few mornings it hasn’t run, and when I get to work there’s a prompt to give the script calendar permissions. Considering I’ve already given the script permission multiple times, I’m not sure what else I can do.

Ugh. I’ll be sticking with HS for a while…

See also

I’ll try to post solutions as well as further issues as I see them…

Just considering the upgrade to Mojave sometime soon - saw this in the Alfred forum - seems the breakage is continuing here and there