Missing Workouts for Automation

So I finally jumped in and got an Apple Watch, but as I’m setting up shortcuts and automation, I noticed that not all of the newer workout options (like tennis or softball) are available to use with the “When I start a workout” automation. They are available in the shortcuts steps, but not as automation triggers. The workouts available as automation triggers are quite limited. And I’m not even sure if the “Functional Strength Training” option will actually trigger when I start a “Traditional Strength Training” workout, which is the newer label in the workouts app. Am I just missing something, or am I understanding this correctly? (Btw, why don’t they call it “Strength Training-Traditional”; it took me a while to find it alphabetically under “T.”)

Since I can’t do a choose from menu on my actual watch, this forces me to use a difference focus mode for each type of exercise if I want to automate it. And I don’t want to just allow any workout because I start different timers based on what kind of workout I’m doing.

The Watch shows a limited number of workouts initially and prompts you to add more to the list manually.

If you set the Shortcut up on an iPhone you should see a complete list of workouts from American Football to Yoga.

I appreciate your thoughts, but I was setting it up on iPhone .The list in Shortcuts is complete; I don’t have a problem there, but the list in the Automation triggers is incomplete, so I can’t trigger an automation when I start a tennis workout , for example, because it’s not in the trigger list. I’ll add some screenshots.

Not sure why, but I can trigger Stair Stepper, Stairs, Step Training, Surfing, Table Tennis, Tennis, Traditional Strength Training, Volleyball, Water Fitness, Water Polo, Water Fitness, Water Sports & Wrestling in addition to your choices from the same view of that “Choose” menu on my iPhone.

I don’t have Wheelchair Run Pace or Wheelchair Walk Pace though.

Perhaps the choices limited by Watch model and OS and/or iPhone model and OS?

Forget what I just said. The menu I’m looking at is to start a workout from a trigger, not trigger an automation from a workout.

I use NFC tags to trigger my workouts, so always see the full list.

If I try and use the workout itself to trigger an automation I get the same limited list that you are seeing.

Sorry for the confusion.

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No worries. I appreciate the confirmation. Can you scan NFCs with the Apple Watch?

I don’t think so as it would be a serious power drain.

The Watch is designed to behave like an NFC tag.

Triggering workouts using tags is great though as you can place them strategically – by your door, in the bike shed etc.

Thanks. I really appreciate the suggestion. I actually haven’t used NFC tags yet, but it may be time to start.

You can test your automations using your bank cards, travel passes or old product tags.

If they work for you then you can bulk buy stick on tags at bargain prices and put them everywhere :slight_smile:

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So smart. Thanks for the suggestion!