Microsoft To-Do iOS Automation

In another adjustment to my task manager usage - I’ve recently switched to Microsoft To-Do for all my work tasks. Leaving Reminders / Good Task for personal stuff (I’ve tried them all before - Omnifocus / Things etc).

I resisted this forever but there is no getting away from O365 in work - To-Do recently added the ability to view (and move to lists) emails which I have flagged in Outlook. I can also view tasks assigned to me in Planner. It just makes sense for me to use it in work.

What I’m struggling with is automating my capture into To-Do - I had a brain dump Shortcut which prompted me for tasks for each List I have in Reminders, it then adds the task to the specific List in Reminders - really useful.
I can’t recreate the same in To-Do - I don’t mind a workaround to simply dump the tasks into one To-Do list then I manually sort them later but I’m not having much joy figuring out the URL schemes.

A long winded way of asking - does anyone know of a URL scheme for MS To-Do that would work with what I’m looking to do?

I would look at Microsoft Flow. It’s a bit like IFTTT, and so there are various triggers from web hooks through to file & mail monitoring that you could utilise to trigger creation of the to do item.

Thanks, I gave this a go and managed to get something workable going.