MFC Deck on Apple Watch

I am working my way through the myriad features of this feature-rich app. I tried to get the Apple Watch app to show a card but have not succeeded (the app shows a blank screen with the time in the upper right corner). First of all, should it work with a Series 2 Apple Watch and second, is there a something that needs to be set to specify which decks will appear on the watch?

Has anyone gotten MFCDeck to work on an Apple Watch?

I just rebooted my series 2 Apple Watch. Now when I run MFC Deck,I get a display with a list of my decks. However, if I touch one, the watch immediately goes back to the display of all apps. I suppose that’s progress but it still doesn’t work.

Are you feeding it all back to Adam through Test Flight e-mails?

I’m not on iOS14 yet, still too many significant Shortcuts bugs for my daily driver, hence the outdated build shown here.

Yes I am. I have yet to get a response from that path.