MFC Deck now available in the App Store

MFC Deck creates dynamic control decks and cards that run shortcuts, present information, send commands to your macOS applications, power NFC tags, and automatically run shortcuts. Display these decks and cards in Home Screen widgets, on your Apple Watch, and in assistant voice responses.

Download for free. Try out Premium features with the 14-day trial. Unlock everything with a single in-app purchase of $4.99.

Visit the MFC Deck Shortcuts Gallery to see examples of how you can use MFC Deck to create:

  • Mac App Controllers
  • Weather Condition decks
  • Text Editing decks
  • NFC-powered decks

Complete documentation on how to use MFC Deck, including its extensive set of custom actions and API, at:


To me that app really needs a walk-through video with a lot of examples to sell the use case.

Right now it just looks like a mashup of Launch Cuts, Scriptable and the Shortcuts app and their widgets.


Yes, I agree. I played around with the beta and ended up deleting it because I couldn’t figure out the basics.

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Yes, I’ll be making a walkthrough video. In the meantime, there are a number of fully-fleshed out examples here:

Since I wrote LaunchCuts, of course there’s a similarity. The widget idea is something I was working on before Apple publicly announced them at WWDC. And, while it’s not as powerful as Scriptable, it just requires knowledge of Shortcuts and not Javascript. I think there’s plenty of room for these products, and the idea of the decks and cards that’s missing from other products in this space.

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I checked out the docs and took a good look at the screenshots. Yet I’m still not fully sure whether it is at all useful to me. :confused: