Message Queueing & Feedback

This is near perfect for my need but wanted to share feedback for a few things.

  1. I did a test and didn’t get the result, maybe it is my configuration. I sent a test notification when my phone was off. Waited for 5 min and turned on. The notification never came. So I assume there is no message queueing for offline devices. I travel and some areas I have no signal and would like to get notified when back connected.

  2. Notifications dont execute my homekit automatically, need to at least interact with the notification or use the next action to turn on/off lights. Probably an iOS restriction that you need interaction. I have a linux cron and when it reaches a threashold I have a RGB LED light that either shows a green, amber, red – alert blink color that I want to control via api. And CURL is the best way but dont execute without interaction. Replacement now is to deal with homebridge to get this to work.

  3. Desktop application for notifications for Windows/Linux/Mac.

Now that pushbullet dosent support iOS this can take that market. They HAD support for all platforms. For now I am using telegram bot but does not fulfil my needs.

Just thought I would share my feedback and see if I am missing something. New user and like the options in the app.