MDM for Charity iPads

Hi hive mind!

So I do a lot of work with a local scouting charity. They are buying 20 iPads for the entire district to use on a project. Heres a brief scope of the project:

Each week there will be sessions held at a central location, where individual scout groups attend. There will be a series of lesson plans and each group will complete one of these every time they attend.

What I need is some form of MDM that will allow me to put all of the iPads back to “Default” each week, with “default” being a set of predefined apps, as well as removing files from the session just gone, and ensuring the base files are re instated in the event that someone manages to delete or write over them.

Any ideas?
P.S. money is very tight, we have stretched a long way to afford the iPads and insurance!

If this was two rambling and doesn’t make sense please let me know!

Are you set up as a school? That or a business account will be required to make this work. Apple Configurator 2 can help you set up and manage the devices - and it’s free.

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@RosemaryOrchard is correct about Apple Configurator 2. If you’re going to be retrieving them at the end it’s the easiest way. Make sure to supervise the device using AC2 to ensure you have full access to the MDM framework. Otherwise there are some good MDM’s that are relatively inexpensive: Jamf Now and SimpleMDM come to mind. For those, you’ll likely want to sign up for Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager depending on your organization.

Thank you guy’s, I’ll see if apple wants to let us have a schools account!