Md2pptx Markdown To PowerPoint Converter

Finally released to the wild under MIT licence md2pptx Markdown To PowerPoint Converter.

For those of us who like to make things out of text - and yet get non-text outputs - this might be of use. I use it every day, of course.

I would note the Markdown is a subset of real Markdown and the parser is a little naïve. However, anything you write in this flavour of Markdown should pass muster with MultiMarkdown.

I also added the ability to leave Taskpaper tasks in there - and get a task slide or two at the end.

Contributors, of course, welcome. Issues to the GitHub issues page, please.


Oh you have no idea how much I’m going to love this for my job. One of my dreads with work is making PPT decks. I also love that it’s Python based meaning I can use it on my work PC. Thanks for sharing this!


You’re very welcome. Be sure to read the manual. It will give you the style of Markdown required. If you get to contribute that’d be great.

I have another project that I consider the companion to this one - and which I throw my Markdown through before running md2pptx. I’ve asked for permission to open source it, too. Hopefully an easy “yes” from my employer (IBM). You will see the file extension “mdp” for the user guide. That’s what I throw through the other program to make files with extension “md”. Then md2pptx does the rest.

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