Map Photo Locations

I have a series of photos with locations in the Photos app that I would like to map in either Google Maps or Apple Maps. I can export the photos on the Mac, get each lat/long, and manually pin each location, save as places in Google Maps. Super tedious. Can I automate any of these steps in iOS or macOS? Dream solution would be to select the photos, hit the share sheet, and “display on Google Maps”

Something like this?

You do have to go back to the Workflow app after viewing each location in maps though.


Yup, just like that. This gives me a great starting point. I think from here I can create a saved location in Google Maps for each one. Thanks!

Technically you can actually drop the get location as the maps action will accept images and automatically pull out the location data.

The workflow then would become.

Any thoughts on how to make multiple locations (for each selected photo) appear on a single map?

I wouldn’t use Workflow for it. I’d use Google’s inbuilt integrations as described in this Google maps support thread.

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