Make scriptable open an app, tap and swipe

Hey guys! I have a question. As I have no experience coding what so ever I was wondering if it would be possible to open an app, ‘tap’ on a button and then make a ‘swipe’ for half an hour. I just bought some Philips hue lights and found out you need a bridge to set up a wake up sequence but that costs an extra 60 euros. Would this be possible?

Thanks in advance!

You aren’t going to be able to make an app control another app like a human on iOS.

Instead you would need to look for apps that support Shortcuts integration or look at interacting with the Hue lights directly via a programming interface (API).

Honestly, I’ve not come across controlling hue lights via anything other than a bridge, so I’m not sure what apps would work here. I know the bridge has an API (I use it regularly via my Mac), and all the apps I have use my bridge to control the lights.

Maybe you can swap them for the new Bluetooth based Hue bulbs that don’t need a bridge (but have limited functionality)?

(I’m happy with the classic ones and a bridge myself)