Make Phone calls

How do you make phone calls from Scriptable?
If you can’t, could you make shortcuts do it from Scriptable

I don’t think this is meant to be supported as there is no Phone API in Scriptable that I am aware of.

That said, here is a simple way to prompt the user to call any phone number from Scriptable:"tel:555-1212"). This takes advantage of the “tel” URI scheme which Safari handles by asking the user if they want to make a call.

PS - My first attempt crashes the Scriptable app, so do not use: Safari.openInApp("tel:555-1212").


I’ve looked into this. This happens because Safari can only open URLs starting with the HTTP and HTTPS scheme. The next update will throw an error when a URL that does not have one of those schemes is opened in the app.


You can create a custom webpage that has a link to a phone number and simulate a click on that link. I think that’s how Shortcuts lets you put icons on your home screen to launch specific shortcuts.

Ok, thanks. So, copy the number and return to Shortcuts and call whatever is in the clipboard then?(OT, but is the clipboard/Pasteboard the only way to transfer data to Shortcuts )

Either that or use rather than Safari.openInApp"tel:11223344")
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