Mailing Label Printing from Contacts

Hi everyone,

Firstly…I’m sorry - this seems like such a dumb, basic, silly thing I should know!

I am trying (for the first time) to print out mailing labels for Christmas cards, but is there any way to customise the name that appears on the label? I mean I really don’t fancy having John Smith in my contacts app showing as Mr & Mrs J. Smith & Family! I am missing something?

Is there another app or setting I need to change to get what I need to print on the label?

Really appreciate the help as this is legit driving me insane. :slight_smile:

What are you using for your list? A contacts group, a spreadsheet, another database? Are you direct printing to a sheet of labels using a mail merge from Pagesl/Word/Google Docs/etc. or using say a label printer from a dedicated app? Does your source have a consistent data field that you would want to use instead of the field you suspect/know is to be used currently? Also, what volume of labels are you dealing with?

Having some more detailed information would help with figuring out what options you have available and what the best spproach might be.

Thanks Sylumer!

I have created a Group in the Contacts App and can print the mailing labels directly from the app, but doesn’t give me any option to change the fields displayed.

I think I’ll need to do a mail merge of some sort using Pages or Word. I bought some Avery Labels A7160 and downloaded the template from the website - but never doing Mail Merge before…a bit out my depth.

In terms of volume, we’re only talking about 30 contacts, but could grow in the future.

There are many tutorials out there for mail merging. I would suggest exporting your contacts to Numbers to use as your data source to match up to the majority of Mac mail merge walk throughs that seem to utilise Pages with a Numbers spreadsheet.