Mail Rule rules problem

I have a mail rule in Apple Mail that takes an e-mail message, saves the PDF attachments in a folder, OCRs the documents using PDFPenPro, and then adds a reading task to OmniFocus. I have two problems.

  1. The Rule is ONLY supposed to run on emails from a certain e-mail account, but it runs on emails from all of my accounts. I have tried that two ways. Method 1 (not surprisingly) was to use the account rule and set it to the correct account. That did not seem to stop Mail from running the rule on all accounts. Method 2 was to drop the account rule and use the “to” rule and specify my e-mail address from that account. That did not solve the problem. The rule uses “contains” as the predicate, but maybe it should be “is equal to.”

  2. The rule runs repeatedly and will run on mail that it has already processed. (I only realize this because (a) I sometimes have dozens of action entries in OmniFocus for the same document, and (b) I see PDFPenPro opening the file multiple times.) It will even run on messages from long ago buried in a folder that I happen to re-open to review. How can I stop these things?

Appreciate your advice.