Mail: Rose’s Newsletter Deletion Rules

In episode 2, Rose mentioned that all her newsletters are being deleted after a given time, thanks to mail rules running in
Does anyone have any idea how Rose is going about this?

The way it was described, incoming newsletters are coloured by a rule, and then deleted after 24 hours.

There are two things I can’t figure out:

  1. What criterion is used to act upon previously-coloured emails. I can set the colour of incoming mail with a rule, but I can’t see a way to get rules to act on an email based on their colour.

  2. How the mail rules are automatically run on existing mail, already in the inbox. As far as I know, mail rules only normally apply to incoming mail. You can of course manually select emails and apply rules, but Rose is doing this automatically. How do you programmatically apply them to all mail in the inbox?

Thanks for any help you can offer, fellow automators!

I think I set it up so Keyboard Maestro selects all the messages in the inbox and applies the rules again - and one rule says after 24 hours it goes (it runs probably twice a day?). I haven’t checked the Mac mini in ages though, so I’m not sure what it’s up to!

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Hi Rose, before I spend a day trying it: do you know if his works on other folders than the inbox as well?

As I practice an inbox zero approach, all my email is in the archive folder…

No, mail rules only run on inbox items which is very annoying!

An alternative approach can be writing rules on the mail server/provider side rather than the mail client side.

When I was on Gmail at work I used a Google script to periodically do my filing and I could pretty much access whatever mails and criteria I wanted with that approach. Seemingly more so than using Gmail’s inbuilt rules functionality as it happened.

If the mail app doesn’t meet your needs, I would recommend at least having a look to see what your mail provider can support. It also has the benefit of then being always on and client agnostic … but sadly not provider agnostic.

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Thanks very much.
It’s a shame there’s no way to do it in natively. I’m not exactly holding out for it to come in macOS 10.15, but it’d be a very welcome surprise :upside_down_face: