Mail app shortcuts actions on iPad OS, no recent suggestions?

I filed a query with Apple on feedback assistant a few days ago when things were in beta, problem persists for me with the full releases. Anyone else missing suggestions for Mail app on iPad?

Running ios13.1 on iPhone, iPad OS on iPad Pro. I use apple mail app to access gmail mailboxes. My most used shortcut uses Siri-suggested actions that open individual mailboxes that I use frequently. These suggested actions show up as Mail app actions in Shortcuts on iPhone but not iPad despite equivalent use. (No suggestions for Icloud mailboxes either). A custom shortcut containing these actions runs correctly on iPhone. The same shortcut (iCloud synced) generates errors on iPad “Siri prediction no longer valid”, and mail app actions remain limited within the shortcuts app. In fact, the only Siri-suggested action is a search email action that seems very stale - haven’t used the suggested search term in ages - as if the suggestions “file” isn’t updating.

Or to shorten my question (maybe should have done this in the firs place): on iPad OS, is your use of the Mail app generating new Siri-suggested actions in the Shortcuts App?

I am having the exact same issue. Have you come across any way to “update” the suggestions?

Nope. I was worried it was just me. Done a bunch of internet searching, but haven’t found any more info. I was considering doing an erase-and-clean-install of my iPad (painful) but will hold off for now knowing I may not be the only affected. Thanks for the reply

After listening to a Viticci podcast and before 13.1, I was able to see a lot more mailbox options via Apps - Mail. But since 13.1 the list is limited. I tried opening the specific mailbox several times to see if it would add to suggestions but, no luck.