Magic Occupancy on Homebridge

I have set up an automation to turn lights on in both my wife’s yoga room and our master bedroom when motion is detected and for the lights to stay on as long as someone is in the room. The automation uses the Magic Occupancy plugin for Homebridge and has three steps:

  1. When motion is detected (either an Ecobee or Arqara motion sensor) turn on dummy switch (Magic Occupance). This activates a Magic Occupance dummy occupancy sensor after which the switch turns off and begins a 2 minute countdown after which the occupancy sensor turns off if there is no further activity.

  2. When occupancy is detected turn on the lights (all Philips Hue).

  3. When occupancy is no longer detected turn off the lights.

The automations are the same for both the yoga room and master bedroom except the rooms have different motion sensors and a different different dummy switch (created by Magic Occupancy).

If I were only doing this in one room the automation works great! The problem I am having is that even though Magic Occupancy creates separate dummy switches for the two rooms it appears only one dummy occupancy sensor is created so that whenever occupancy is detected in one room the lights for both rooms turn on. Been racking my brain trying to think of a solution for this without luck. Am I missing something or is this simply a limitation of the Homebridge plugin? If anyone has thoughts on this I am all ears (or eyes). Thanks!!

Feeling a bit stupid, but solved my problem. Turns out that the plugin has an add accessories button that will allow you to create a new set of switches and an additional occupancy sensor that can be applied to a different room. Now the lights in the two rooms will not be tripping over each other. This plugin is pretty handy offering a variety of switch types that can respond to a variety of triggers.